Danny Garrett Live Demo Reel

ABOVE: I am in love with the traditional blues-duo sound. I could listen to the likes of Sonny and Brownie, Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, or Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers all day long (and often I do!). One guitar slinger and one harmonica player can fill up the sonic space of a tavern in a way that pleases me to my soul. And when the stars align, having a bass player along for the ride can be quite nice as well. I'm lucky to be able to work with some  really great guitar players. In this video, you'll see me gigging with my blues associates Sam O'Hare, Noah Pierre, Walsh Kunkel, and the bassist Juan Soto Bown.

Recorded Music

Above: This is my first and only released single. To follow in the footsteps of the musicians I love and learn from, I offer you a B-side as well! Stay tuned for a new blues single to be released very soon.