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$30 per 30 min Skype/Zoom lesson

The harmonica can be so much more than a musical instrument. Through the years, the life that you breathe into your harmonica makes it a part of you. Carry it in your pocket. Any moment of seclusion is just more time to practice. You are never bored. You are no longer impatient. You have direction. You have a companion. You are a harmonica player!

I'm offering one on one harmonica lessons to all ages and skill levels. For a kid, a harmonica is the best "toy" there is. It can be a great early introduction to music and self-expression. 

For an teenage/adult beginner, we can dive right into your preffered style of music. The blues has by far the most extensive library of harmonica vocabulary, and is a great place to start. This instrument has also found it's way into country, jazz, rock, and just about everything else.

For the experienced harmonica player, we can focus on whatever your playing is lacking. Tounge blocking technique, bends, vibrato, overblows, music theory, harmonica setup and tuning, chromatic harp, etc. 

I have traveled the country and taken lessons from most of my favorite living harmonica players. This is a traditional instrument, and can't be learned at any music school. Harmonica knowlege is passed down from player to player, and passing along what I have learned is a simple pleasure that I enjoy very much.

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